The Principle Consultant is a fully qualified, professional and experienced consultant and trainer and has extensive practical experience in a wide range of industrial sectors and organisations and is used to communicating with all levels of a business organisation from the shop-floor to the board room.

He can offer:

Help and Advice to SMEs
He was a Senior Safety Professional for a number of years and has been heavily involved in defining the safety strategy of the International Stainless Steel Group Outokumpu.

Health and Safety Consultancy
He has been the EHSQ Manager of an Upper Tier COMAH site and has been involved in COMAH since the implementation of that regulation. Over the years has had to research, develop and implement systems and procedures in order to satisfy the requirements of the Competent Authority, because he couldn’t find any local consultant who could assist.

Environmental Consultancy
His previous employer’s site was one of the first sites in Sheffield that needed an environmental permit to operate, following the implementation of the IPPC Regulations in 1999. As such, he has many years’ experience in managing environmental issues in accordance with regulatory agencies’ requirements.

Systems Support for International Standards - OHSAS18001, ISO14001, ISO9001 etc.
Throughout his entire career he has been involved in quality systems and procedures, and in the latter years his knowledge, experience and involvement has expanded to include the requirements of the environmental and safety standards. He is a trained auditor for all three standards named above.

We recognise that every organisation's needs and situations are different.

We aim to assess your requirement in conjunction with you and then provide solutions in line with any regulatory or business objectives that are effective and cost efficient.

The services we offer are available either on a “one off” basis or through a “retained consultancy” agreement.